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Mr. CAO Peixi and Mr. GUO Junming met with CEO of Invesco

On March 13th, President of China Huaneng Group Mr. CAO Peixi and CFO Mr. GUO Junming met with Martin Flanagan, CEO of Invesco in Huaneng Headquarter, exchanging views on mutual cooperation.

Mr. CAO Peixi extended warm welcome to Martin Flanagan and his delegation, and briefly introduced the latest development of Huaneng. He said that Huaneng and Invesco had kept a stable cooperation relation in financial sector within a long-term period. Based on the complementary advantages of Huaneng and Invesco, Invesco Great Wall Fund Management Company expanded itself rapidly with a increasing profit, which had created rich investment returns for its customers. Now it is critical period for Huanneg in terms of structural adjustment and upgrading itself. Huaneng and Invesco shall deepen cooperation, exchange resources and information, and explore win-win cooperation in renewable technology development and international market for common development.

Mr. Flanagan expressed his gratitude towards Huaneng for strong support in the past years. In current years, cooperation between Huaneng and Invesco are getting mature and productive. Invesco is willing to further deepen the depth and range of our bilateral cooperation by making full use of its own advantages and help Huaneng to accelerate its internationalization process for win-win results.

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