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Cambodia’s largest hydropower project - Huaneng Lower Se-San River II Hydropower Station starts reservoir impoundment




  At 9:20 a.m. local time on September 25, as Cambodian Prime Minister H.E. Hun Sen pressed the watergate operation button, the spillway watergate of Huaneng Lower Se-San River II Hydropower Station, featuring Asia’s longest dam and Cambodia’s largest hydropower project, slowly fell, and therefore the hydropower station started reservoir impoundment. As a major project in the Belt and Road Initiative and Cambodia’s energy development plan, the hydropower station will provide a strong impetus for Cambodia’s economic and social development after commercial operation, serving as an example for China-Cambodia energy cooperation.

  Cambodian Prime Minister H.E. Hun Sen, Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Mr. Xiong Bo, and President of China Huaneng Group Mr. Huang Yongda attended the Reservoir Impoundment Ceremony. Cambodian government officials at various levels, local residents, representatives of Chinese-invested enterprises in Cambodia, and people from all walks of life, with total number of about 3,000 people attended the ceremony.

  H.E. Hun Sen highly commended China for its important contribution to Cambodia’s power industry and economic development, and expressed his gratitude to China Huaneng Group for its strong support for Cambodia’s power construction. H.E. Hun Sen said, as the largest hydropower project in Cambodia, Lower Se-San River Ⅱ Hydropower Project will provide safe, stable and clean electricity for the Cambodian people. The development of the project brings tangible benefits to Cambodia. It creates job opportunities, enhances Cambodia’s independence and security in power supply, and plays a significant role in improving people’s livelihood and accelerating national economic development in Cambodia.

  Mr. Huang Yongda expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Cambodian government and the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia for their support and assistance for the project. He said, Lower Se-San River Ⅱ Hydropower Project started construction in October 2013, and has reached the vital milestone of reservoir impoundment within only less than four years, laying a solid foundation for the commercial operation of the first generating unit in November 2017. When all generating units put into operation, the hydropower station will greatly ease the local power shortage, and provide safe, reliable, clean and efficient electricity for the Cambodian people. He said, building on the successful cooperation of Lower Se-San River Ⅱ Hydropower Station, China Huaneng Group will continue to earnestly implement the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping, and further strengthen strategic cooperation with the Cambodian government and local enterprises through expanding cooperation areas and deepening cooperation levels, so as to promote Cambodia’s energy development to a new level.

  Lower Se-San River Ⅱ Hydropower Station is located at the main stream of Se-San River in Stung Treng Province in the northeastern part of Cambodia. The hydropower station has a planned total installed capacity of 400MW, with average annual generation output of 1970GWh, and is expected to be fully operational by the end of October 2018.

  Lower Se-San River Ⅱ Hydropower Station is an important exemplary project for China Huaneng Group’s business development in Southeast Asia. It is invested, developed and operated by Lower Se-San River Ⅱ Hydropower Co., Ltd. in the BOT model. HydroLancang International Energy Co., Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huaneng Lancang River Hydropower Inc.), as the controlling shareholder, is responsible for project construction and management. The main mechanical and electrical equipments of the project are imported from China, which further promotes the whole chain “going overseas” combining Chinese technology, Chinese standards, Chinese equipments and Chinese management. Power China Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited is responsible for design and engineering, while Power China Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited is responsible for supervision. Energy China Gezhouba Group and Power China SinoHydro Bureau 8 Co., Ltd. are responsible for construction. Relevant parties involved in the project construction have overcome various difficulties such as traffic inconvenience, tropical climate, disease, and shortage of construction resources etc., and have ensured project safety and quality, which has won high recognition from Prime Minister Hun Sen, government officials at all levels and technical experts.

  At present, Cambodia is faced with serious power shortage, and imports about 1200GWh of electricity every year. When put into operation, Lower Se-San River Ⅱ Hydropower Station will account for over 1/5 of Cambodia’s total installed capacity. The project will gradually implement localized management, attract and cultivate Cambodian employees to participate in operation and management, so as to provide more job opportunities for local workers, intensify harmonious relations between the Project Company and local community, and deepen the traditional friendship between the two peoples of China and Cambodia.


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