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HUANG Yongda meets with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen



  On the afternoon of Sep. 25th, Mr. HUANG Yonga, President of China Huaneng Group met with H.E. Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, exchanging views on the construction of the Lower Se-San River II Hydropower Project and the further cooperation in energy sector. Mr. FAN Xiaxia, Vice President of China Huaneng Group, Minister of NEM, President of Cambodian Power Company attended the meeting as well.

  HONGSEN appreciated Huaneng’s contribution to Cambodian economy development and he pointed out that the success of the Reservoir Impoundment Ceremony marked great progress for the Lower Se-San River II Hydropower Project, which would substantially ease the power shortage in Cambodia after commissioned. He said, as the project becoming a symbol of Belt & Road Initiative and Sino-Cambodia friendship, Cambodia government would support the project as always and expect Huaneng to invest and construct more power projects in Cambodia, which would greatly promote clean energy development, improve infrastructure condition, driven economic and social development in Cambodia, and finally benefit the people. He also expected more cooperation on human resources between Cambodian power sector and Huaneng, which would help to train more professionals for Cambodian power industry.

  After expressing thanks to Cambodian governments for their strong supports delivered to the Lower Se-San River II Hydropower Project, Mr. Huang introduced Huaneng’s achievements in development and reform, expecting continued strong supports from Cambodia governments for Huaneng in the following construction of the project and the developing of renewable projects. He said, the Sino-Cambodia friendship had a long history and Huaneng would make a great contribution to Cambodian power supply by accelerating the construction of the Lower Se-San River II Hydropower Project and making sure the project commissioned as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Huanneg would firmly implement the Belt & Road Initiative and take the installation and commercial operation of the Lower Se-San River II Hydropower Project as an opportunity to further develop energy cooperation with Cambodian governments and local enterprises so that the two parties could jointly promote the energy construction and economy development in Cambodia.


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