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3,918 hours Continuous Opation of Huaneng Tianjin IGCC Project Set Up a New World Record
  As of 00:18, September 23th, 2018, Huaneng Tianjin IGCC Project has successfully achieved continuous operation of 3,918 hours, breaking the world record of 3,917 hours of continuous operation obtained by Japan Beulai Power Station. Plus, Huaneng Tianjin IGCC project continues to run stably, becoming the first IGCC project with the longest continuous operation time worldwide, which marks that China’s technologies on green development and low-carbon efficient utilization of coal leads the world.

  As the first phase of demonstration project under the Huaneng’s “Green Coal Power Plan”, Tianjin IGCC Power Station is the first large-scale IGCC project in China and the sixth large IGCC power station worldwide, with an installed capacity of 2650 MW. Its core device is two-step dry coal powder pressurized gasification furnace with a capacity of 2000 tons, which adopts Huaneng’s own independent intellectual property right.

  By combining the gasification technology used for purifying coal and high-efficiency combined-cycle power generation technology together, IGCC has achieved absolute utilization of coal with high generation efficiency and favorable environmental performance, which makes IGCC technology the most clean and most promising one that can be industrialized at present in terms of high-efficiency coal-fired power generation technology.

  Started from 2009, IGCC project was successfully put into operation in 2012. Following the principles of independent developing, independent design, independent manufacturing, independent construction and operation, the project overcame so many challenges as relatively complicated processing and too many key points for QC in the past nine years, creating a number of engineering miracles. Since its inception, the project has generated more than 5.8 billion kWh of green electricity.

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