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All Units of Huaneng Sesan Cascade II Hydropower Station Put Into Operation
  On 9:00 a.m. of October 21st (local time in Cambodia), the unit No.8 of Sesan Cascade II Hydropower Station, which is the largest hydropower station project in Cambodia, passed the 72-hour trail operation and was put into operation. The project are controlled, invested and developed by Huaneng Lancang River Hydropower Inc., and all of its 8 units are in operation now.

  The project started construction in October 2013. On December 9th, 2017, its first unit was put into operation. In 2018, it has achieved the target to put 6 units in operation in one year. All 8 units are put into operation within 11 months.

  Sesan Cascade II Hydropower Station is a key project of Belt & Road Initiative and energy development in Cambodia. It is a demonstrative project reflecting China Huaneng’s active steps of adjusting structure, pushing for green development, and developing and constructing projects in Southeast Asia. Sesan Cascade II Hydropower Station is located at the main stream of Sesan, within the border of Sesan District, Stung Treng province in northern part of the Kingdom of Cambodia. With total installed capacity of 400MW, it constitutes nearly 20% of the domestic installed capacity in Cambodia. The dam of the project is 6.5 km in length, ranked as the longest dam in Asia. It has installed 8 bulb tubular units with 50MW each, all of which are manufactured by China. The mode of China’s technology + China’s equipment + China’s management has further elevated the ‘Made in China’ in Cambodia and Asia.

  Cambodia is facing a severe power shortage now. Its electricity import from other countries reaches to 1200GWh annually. Sesan Cascade II Hydropower Station’s annual generating capacity is 1970GWh, which can greatly alleviate the power supply deficiency in Cambodia, and reduce the cost of electricity usage, bearing significance in accelerating Cambodia’s socio-economic development, and responding to the Belt and Road Initiative.

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