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InterGen’s Spalding OCGT Project Put into Operation Successfully

  On July 1st, InterGen UK Spalding 300MW OCGT project with black-start function was put into operation successfully. It is UK’s first large power generation project relies on capacity contract for project financing, development and construction. It is also UK’s largest gas-fired power project in six years. Its successful operation marks a solid step of InterGen’s development in UK, and shows that shareholders strongly support the high-quality development of InterGen.

  It is understood, with large-scale renewable energy projects (wind power, solar power, etc.) being put into operation, UK’s electricity market needs flexible units to provide support for the aforementioned intermittent power sources. In 2017, based on the existing Spalding CCGT gas-fired power plant, InterGen started the expansion project of Spalding OCGT with flexible regulating capability, in order to adopt to the changes in UK’s electricity market. In March, 2018, Spalding OCGT Project formally started construction. After 15 months of construction, on May 28th, 2019, the first-time ignition was successful. On July 1st, 2019, the project was formally put into operation. ‘Zero Labor Loss’ was realized in health, safety, security, and environmental protection during the construction and commission period. The cost of project engineering and construction is strictly controlled within the budget.
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