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Cao Peixi and Huang Long Meet with President of American Electric Power

On February 25, Cao Peixi, President, and Huang Long, Vice President of China Huaneng Group met with Nicholas Akins, President, and Dennis Welch and Mark McCullough, Executive Vice President from American Electric Power Corporation. They exchanged opinions on jointly combating climate change and strengthening cooperation in clean energy technology.
Cao Peixi said, China Huaneng Group and American Electric Power are similar and complementary in terms of power sources structure, R&D and development strategies. Both parties have established sound partnership. The signing of the cooperation agreement in Washington between the two parties indicates that the cooperation has entered a new phase. Exchange and cooperation in clean energy technology and advanced power generation technology will help the two companies to improve their strength and influence, promote Sino-US cooperation in energy fields, and make contribution to combating climate change.
Nicholas Akins said, China Huaneng Group is an important partner for American Electric Power. The agreement signed in Washington is one of the most important agreements for American Electric Power. China Huaneng Group has rich experience and great strength in carbon capture, ultra supercritical power generation technology and advanced nuclear power technology. American Electric Power is willing to strengthen cooperation with China Huaneng Group, and constantly expand the fields of cooperation so as to achieve joint development.
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