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Huaneng Power International Inc. Wins the "Award for Board of Directors of Listed Companies"
On December 18th, the Ninth China Corporate Governance Forum co-hosted by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the SASAC and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) was held in Shanghai and announced winners of the "China Corporate Governance Special Award". With excellent performance in corporate governance, Huaneng Power International Inc. stood out among over 800 listed companies and won the "2010 Award for Board of Directors of Listed Companies." Liu Guoyue, Executive Director and President of Huaneng Power International Inc. attended the forum and accepted the award.
The Annual Award for Board of Directors of Listed Companies was first established by the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2009 at the Eighth China Corporate Governance Forum. It is currently the most authoritative award of its kind and top award for corporate governance in China. Huaneng Power International Inc. was elected as one of the ten winners of the Award for Board of Directors for its sound governance structure, active institutional innovation, and excellent performance in capital operation, information disclosure and internal risk control. Since its foundation in 1994, Huaneng Power International Inc. has always paid special attention to improving its governance structure, and actively promoted the institutional, systematic and management innovation. By strengthening internal control and risk management, Huaneng Power International ensures sound operation and forms a good market image. Through enhanced investor relationship management, it has established a good public image. By actively fulfilling its CSR, paying attention to energy conservation and environment protection and constantly improving its sustainability, the company has set up a good social image.
In 2010, Huaneng Power International Inc. also won "the Sixth Asian Corporate Governance Award" organized by the Corporate Governance Asia magazine, due to the company’s outstanding achievements in protecting shareholders' rights, promoting information disclosure and transparency, strengthening the Board and its management system, increasing public awareness, developing investor relations and reinforcing corporate social responsibility.
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