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Huaneng Carbon Assets Company Signs CDM Project Agreement with Huaneng Jilin Power Generation Co., Ltd
On November 15, 2010, Huaneng Carbon Assets Company and Huaneng Jilin Power Generation Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for Huaneng Jilin Tongyutuanjie Wind Farm (Phase A and F) CDM project commissioned development agreement in Beijing. The agreement indicates that Huaneng Carbon Assets Company has gained the ability to provide professional CDM project development services for Huaneng subsidiary enterprises, and also indicates that China Huaneng Group has entered the substantial phase of unified management and professional operation of carbon assets.
Huaneng Carbon Assets Company is a professional carbon assets management agency established on July 9, 2010 by China Huaneng Group to actively respond to climate change, strengthen CDM development management within the entire Group Company, and comprehensively promote the "Action Plans on Green Development". According to relevant regulations of the Group Company for management of CDM projects, Huaneng Carbon Assets Company will provide unified CDM project development services to the Group Company and its subsidiary enterprises.
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