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Cao Peixi and Huang Long met with Temasek’s Executive Director

On Oct 25, President Cao Peixi and Vice President Huang Long of China Huaneng Group met with Singapore Temasek’s Executive Director and CEO Ms. Ho Ching. Both sides exchanged views on further strengthening cooperation.

Cao Peixi expressed his welcome to Ms. Ho Ching and the delegation, and his thanks to Temasek’s support to China Huaneng Group. He also introduced China Huaneng Group's achievements in fulfilling its mission as a Three-color Company. He said, in recent years, China Huaneng Group continued with its strategy of “Go Global” and had built a long-term cooperative relationship with Temasek Holdings. With the support from Singapore government, Labor Union and Temasek Holdings, Tuas Power Company (a 100% subsidiary of Huaneng) maintains good development momentum, and the Tembusu cogeneration project also proceeds smoothly. China Huaneng Group has been paying close attention to technological innovations in energy conservation and emission abatement and new energy technology. He hoped both companies would strengthen further communication and exchanges, and continue to deepen cooperation in new energy and new technology areas including HTGR technology, shale gas development etc., so as to made positive contributions to dealing with the global climatologic change and promoting emissions abatement.

Ho Ching also showed her admiration for the achievements of China Huaneng Group. She said, Singapore is an energy-importing country. Temasek Holdings had always been seeking international cooperation to solve the problems relating to clean energy supply for Singapore. Temasek Holdings would like to offer more supports for China Huaneng Group's “Go Global” strategy; and she hoped that both sides could further cooperate in non-conventional energy resource field including nuclear energy and shale gas development, so as to realize win-win benefits and joint development.

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