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Cao Peixi and Kou Wei met with Chairman of U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


On Oct. 27, President Cao Peixi and Vice President Kou Wei of China Huaneng Group met with Chairman of U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Jon Wellinghoff and his delegation. Both sides exchanged views on further strengthening international cooperation and developing clean energy technology jointly.

Cao Peixi briefly introduced the industrial scale and development strategy of China Huaneng Group and made detailed account of China Huaneng Group's technological innovation and international cooperation in the field of clean energy. He said, in recent years, China Huaneng Group continued speeding up structural readjustment, paid special attention to the technological innovations in renewable energies and energy conservation and emission abatement, and had been keeping a long-term and friendly cooperation with well-known companies and research institutions in the U.S. like Duke Energy etc. China and the U.S. had common interests and responsibilities in the development of clean energy. China Huaneng Group would like to deepen exchange and cooperation with U.S. energy companies, and made active contribution to the world’s clean energy development.

Jon Wellinghoff expressed his admiration for China Huaneng Group's achievements in energy conservation and emission abatement and improvement of energy efficiency. He said, the U.S. and China are faced with common issues like wind power grid connection and wind power output prediction in the development of renewable energy technology. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission would continue promoting its practical cooperation with China in energy resource field. He hoped that the U.S. and China would deepen partnership, and work to solve these problems together.

Cao Peixi and Kou Wei also accompanied Jon Wellinghoff and his delegation to visit the Supervisory Information System of China Huaneng Group.

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