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Zhang Tingke Met with Duke Energy's Chief Nuclear Officer

On March 8, Zhang Tingke, Vice President of China Huaneng Group, met with Dhiaa Jamil, Duke Energy’s Chief Generation Officer and Chief Nuclear Officer. The two parties exchanged opinions on further strengthening cooperation in the energy field.

Zhang Tingke thanked Duke Energy for its support and assistance in nuclear operators training, and introduced the structural adjustment of Huaneng and the progress with the Shidaowan High Temperature Gas-Cooled reactor demonstration project. He said that High Temperature Gas-Cooled reactor technology has broad prospects of application, featuring high intrinsic safety, high thermal efficiency and flexible modular structure. Huaneng will continue to accumulate nuclear power operation experience and verify the commercialization value of High Temperature Gas-Cooled reactor technology through the Shidaowan demonstration project. Huaneng expects to strengthen technical exchange in the new energy field and constantly deepen cooperation in nuclear power technology and management training with Duke Energy, so as to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results. Zhang Tingke and Dhiaa Jamil also exchanged opinions on the development and utilization of shale gas.

Dhiaa Jamil thanked Huaneng for its warm reception and introduced new policies of the US on gas emissions and recent development of Duke Energy. He said, Duke Energy and Huaneng Group have the basis of long-term sound cooperation. Duke Energy is willing to help Huaneng carry out training on nuclear power operation with its rich experience in the nuclear power sector. He hoped that the two parties could strengthen exchange, continue to seek and explore new fields of cooperation, and jointly promote sustainable development of clean energy.

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